Singapore- One day is not Enough, A Costly but quite worthy for a Visit!

Singapore is a city-state inhabited by people of different origins, and from all around the world. It got its independence from the British in 1965 and eventually turned into a leading location in banking and shipping. It’s expensive by South East Asia standards. Majority of people come here to merely have a visit for a day or two and check it off. However, since last few years, the city has shed the stuffy characteristics and became a more fun-loving as well as a multinational city, where people from all over the world live together and have a lot of fun each second.

The city is more foodie now, and lots of additional activities are popping up each day. Its one of the most favorite city in the world for many, and a destination all look forward to visiting for hawker food, delectable seafood, tangy Indian food, and wander across the awesome long hiking trails towards the north as well as visit awesome destinations like, and well that’s I feel the lengthiest list of awesome destinations to visit in the world for a city. Places like Singapore Rocks are a must-visit.

You have a lot to watch here. And Boat Quay is one of them, which is full of activity covering both dining and entertainment. You will find here loads of restaurants which are great for relaxing after a hectic but interesting day of sightseeing. Wakanui offers quality Japanese steak which is being cooked over the white Oak fire, and if you love North Indian cuisines then Kinara can be a great affordable option for you. There are lots of skyscrapers around as well, and some bizarre statues by the riverside.  

The supertrees at Gardens by the Bay is also an incredible sight, with loads of tropical plants, 200 varieties of orchids and ferns that coats 80-160 feet high metal structure forming lush, colorful skin. It’s free to walk, but you need to pay $6USD for a walk through the OCBC Skyway, which is a 128-meter long walkway across the canopy of the supertree Grove. Tiger Sky Tower is Asia’s tallest observation tower, located at Sentosa a little island famous among locals and travelers quite the same. If you come here by bicycle or via walkways, you will not have to spend even a penny. 

Singapore Zoo is an attraction, and the night safari is quite popular though you need to pay around USD 50 for it. You will not find any restaurants here though it can be managed by visiting the zoo in the morning and returning at night for having a look at the night safari.

And don’t forget to watch the Merlions, which is Singapore Mascot. And there is no entrance fee for Merlion Park. Some other destinations to admire are Hock Keng Temple, Bukit Timah Nature reserve and Pulao Amin. However, China town is also quite worthy and a must-visit. You will find a lot of food court as well there. The city is quite hot and humid, and hence it’s always good to eat in these air-conditioned complexes. If you are a backpacker then you might survive with a $60USD per day budget, and for the middle-class vacation you might have to invest around $120USD per day, and for luxury, you need to invest around $550USD per day. Transport is probably the cheapest in the world. And it’s the must-visit destination certainly.